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In a world full of corporate porn sites and flawless models with shaved bodies, it’s great to run across sites created by and starring actual amateur men. Dungeon Bears definitely falls into that category. Steve and Hugo are a real gay couple and they really are bears – and regular guys. They’re big and hairy, into leather, horny as hell, sometimes kinky – and they’re funny, too. Their personality is all over the site – it makes it not only sexy but intimate. And of course, they love to fuck and suck every chance they get. Even better, because they’re a couple in their own home, dungeon, or maybe outdoors or on vacation, the action feels as real as it undoubtedly is. Watching Hugo and Steve fuck in a sling or suck cock in the shower is hot, and their videos will make you laugh as well as make you horny. Dungeon Bears is absolutely one of my all-time favorite amateur sites, and Hugo and Steve are two of my favorite bears!

Posted 11 years, 5 months ago.


Eamonn from St. John’s Newfoundland Canada writes:

Hey guys,

Just wanted to send a message saying that I really love your movies. I’ve been a subscriber a few times, but would do it more if I could afford it, but alas poor college student heh.- – Well I think the two of you are perfect bears, and super hot. Your films made me harder faster than anyone – – Anyway, don’t want to gush too much about your films (well not that way ) so I’ll leave it at that. Big hugs to you both. Hope all is well and looking forward to seeing what new stuff you have coming up

Hugs- Eamonn

Posted 11 years, 5 months ago.


Bill from Vancouver writes;

Hey Steve,

I must say that you and Hugo are some fine specimens of burly man bears. I am very pleased that you and Hugo are all natural and real. When you watch a regular porn flick, everyone’s boners are rock hard all the time and every one is a twink or a pretty boy. In real life that is not so. It is nice to finally see real man bears and a real man’s prick soft and hard. I love the shower scenes, especially the one where Hugo takes a piss after the shower. I also enjoy the moans and groans during love making and I must tell you Steve—you made my cock hard and drip with every moan you made when you came. I notice that Hugo is not that boistrous when he cummmms and you can not really tell that he came deep in side of you when he does cummmm. You can only tell by his heavy breathing. Would love to see a movie with you and Hugo clothed and taking each other’s clothes off while kissing, groping, rubbing, and hugging each other while working your way to the love making. I am an underwear freak and really enjoyed the clip where Hugo was in his jeans and you were in your boxers but—damn!—you took them off too fast. I know, I know. When you’re horny, you’re horny. Needless to say I liked the promo clip of you and Hugo in your boxers. You guys look good together and have great chemistry on film. . . . Hugo has a nice curve in that fine cock of his. I know you must enjoy it when he fucks you mission style. I also enjoyed you sucking off Hugo and taking down every drop of that creamy bear juice. . . . I am glad that you treat your net surfers with a personal touch like sending me the e-mail when I joined.

Posted 11 years, 7 months ago.


A reviewer from writes:

Hi. I’m a reviewer for, and I just had the privilege of reviewing your site. I have reviewed the member areas of over 850 adult paysites and have been in the adult industry for ten years, and I had to tell you how much I loved your site. I actually watched the “Posterior Adventure” all the way through, and laughed at the mooing and the music choice on “Brokeback Condo”. Your sense of humor, your feeling of togetherness, your blog about Dick Butkus—what can I say? I’ve seen higher quality videos and bigger member areas, but this jaded reviewer found something in your site that I haven’t found in other sites. I wished you had pics and enough videos on the site so we could score your site higher.

I’ve never contacted site owners before after a review, but yours was so charming and warm and sexy I just had to say congrats on a wonderful website 🙂

Posted 12 years, 4 months ago.


AVN Online, which interviewed us for their article “Gay Content: Microniche Movement” (August, 2006), writes:

If you’re looking for a hot new trend in the adult Internet, look to the gay webmasters. They’re cleaning up with sites devoted to microniches, which combine fetishes within fetishes to appeal to the most specific of desires.

“Consumers have gotten more sophisticated in what they want, and the days of the one-site-fits-all mega-site approach are gone,” says CJ, co-owner of affiliate program ZBuckZ is home to, a pay site featuring Asian models in bukkake scenes.

From hairy bears that play in dungeons ( to the seduction of sleeping straight guys (, the potential to find a particular fetish is limitless—as long as you’re offering something new. “I actually think these kinds of sites have been around for a long time,” offers ZBuckZ’s Danny Z. “Now more than ever, webmasters are realizing that in order to make a buck, they have to not only give surfers what they want, but also something really unique that they can’t find elsewhere.”

That includes unique, amateur-style content that doesn’t mimic the slickly produced porn of the majors. “[We] find that people really appreciate finding something that’s more of a mom-and-pop operation—or, in our case, a pop-and-pop operation,” says Dungeon Bears’ Steve.

Having knowledge of a chosen microniche is essential to a site’s success, as is a wealth of updatable content. “Even if the customer is there just on a whim to explore the microniche, you still want to have enough content to keep them busy for more than a few visits,” says Steve, who adds that “sites with a well-thought-out structure of up-sells to other microniche sites have done particularly well.”

“In the pre-Internet days you would have to go into a video store and be limited to what was on the shelf,” Squirt adds. “Now, our variety is only limited to what someone takes the time to shoot and make available online. The new gay microniche trend caters to the online consumer who wants exactly what they want now.” —Ken Knox

Posted 14 years, 4 months ago.