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Held Hostage! V28

We were on vacation traveling to Paris when we stopped to visit our friend, the famous artist, Tom of Switzerland. Now, Tom has a cat. A very famous cat, a dominatrix cat…And she must be obeyed at all times. So, when we tried to get down to business and make a movie for, we had some problems… Because, of course, it’s all about HER and SONNY and the DUNGEONBEARS and TOM and everyone else are just stepping stones on her path toward controlling the universe and everything in it. Even after we escaped and continued on our way to Paris, she haunted us . . . and we can’t talk about this anymore because she’s probably listening and about to strike again….

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AVN Online, which interviewed us for their article “Gay Content: Microniche Movement” (August, 2006), writes:

If you’re looking for a hot new trend in the adult Internet, look to the gay webmasters. They’re cleaning up with sites devoted to microniches, which combine fetishes within fetishes to appeal to the most specific of desires.

“Consumers have gotten more sophisticated in what they want, and the days of the one-site-fits-all mega-site approach are gone,” says CJ, co-owner of affiliate program ZBuckZ is home to, a pay site featuring Asian models in bukkake scenes.

From hairy bears that play in dungeons ( to the seduction of sleeping straight guys (, the potential to find a particular fetish is limitless—as long as you’re offering something new. “I actually think these kinds of sites have been around for a long time,” offers ZBuckZ’s Danny Z. “Now more than ever, webmasters are realizing that in order to make a buck, they have to not only give surfers what they want, but also something really unique that they can’t find elsewhere.”

That includes unique, amateur-style content that doesn’t mimic the slickly produced porn of the majors. “[We] find that people really appreciate finding something that’s more of a mom-and-pop operation—or, in our case, a pop-and-pop operation,” says Dungeon Bears’ Steve.

Having knowledge of a chosen microniche is essential to a site’s success, as is a wealth of updatable content. “Even if the customer is there just on a whim to explore the microniche, you still want to have enough content to keep them busy for more than a few visits,” says Steve, who adds that “sites with a well-thought-out structure of up-sells to other microniche sites have done particularly well.”

“In the pre-Internet days you would have to go into a video store and be limited to what was on the shelf,” Squirt adds. “Now, our variety is only limited to what someone takes the time to shoot and make available online. The new gay microniche trend caters to the online consumer who wants exactly what they want now.” —Ken Knox

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Hugo Evolves V27

Steve decided it was time for me to lose the Neanderthal look for month or two.  So, he lured me into the dungeon, told me to bend over in my favorite chair and went at me with some well oiled clippers.  Then, he roped me in for more.  Not that I was complaining—it gets hot in the summertime, and I do want to look good at the beach in my Speedo (not).

Now he’s telling me I have to vacuum up all that chest hair and crotch hair on the floor. Sure Steve, I’ll do it first thing after my ass stops itching.


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