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More Morning Foreskin Stretching

It’s been about three months since Hugo’s been stretching his foreskin.  It’s starting to work! If you try this at home, be careful.  Pull straight out, not to the sides. And don’t pull so hard that it hurts.  You want to trick your foreskin into thinking that you’re gaining lots of weight, so it produces new skin cells (that’s the way we think of it, anyways).  You don’t *literally* want to stretch the cells that are there. Ouch.  And if you have a handsome, hairy bear helping you, that’s great. But do the work when you’re sleepy or after you’ve had sex. We all know what a bear fingering your foreskin leads to!

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Bear Picnic V72


Steve’s getting the bar-be-que ready for burgers and brats. But Hugo has a different idea for an appetizer: Warm furry bear buns, some sausages, and lots of special sauce.  That old wooden picnic table is just the right height to get things going, too.

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